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Kittens usually work well! Just kidding: I like cats, they taste like chicken :smile:

Sorry, couldn't help myself (I really do like cats).


Live bait. North corner of the dam.
Work the area - move around, explore. Think where they would be and why. FLP = Sucess.
There are a lot of those toothy critters. Try in front of the island that is under the bridge. Work for them, learn all you can about them and I am sure your patience and persistance will be rewarded.

Good luck,

Stop in at Midwest Rod and Reel in aurora/Naperville. Ask for a guy named Tony. He put me on alot of fish in the Fox in those areas. Plus they have the best bait and tackle selection around.630-499-8800. Just my 2cents
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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