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Living out of state this year for 6 months, and got to the NC coast recently to try my hand at saltwater again. Found a place called Oceanana Pier, which is owned by a restaraunt. Has a bar at the end too! :)2

For bait, had some shrimp to catch little guys. Also some large frozen mullet, hoping for some sharks.

On the shrimp, I caught mostly Pinfish, but also a few small pompano and lizardfish. Spotted what I think was a Tarpon hanging around, but he wasn't interested. After dark, started to get into small Croaker and Whiting.

Caught some small blacktip sharks on the mullet. Couple times hooked into something BIG between 4 and 5 pm when the tide was coming in. Broke me off both times--turns out I underestimated the kind of hooks and leaders I should be using, since one hook bent and came out and the other time the snap broke on the leader. Felt like I hooked a Doberman both times! Reel screaming and everything, but sadly never got a look at either fish.

Hoping to head out sometime next month again, with an extra set of hands.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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