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I've got dibs on the Groucho smiley! :)23

Lets try the old cut n' paste down here:

Nice look on the new boards Ed, I like 'em. It was freezing cold at Busse yesterday, but at least the fish were biting. The lake is clear of all ice again and all churned up from the winds, the water levels are up and the water color is pretty brown. 4 walleyes caught from a shallow windblown Eastern bay entrance (missed 1), just off of a mainlake point that drops into deeper mainlake water. Sizes were 17 1/2, 15, 17, and 12.5. Only 1 fish liked the minnows(the first one), no other action on them. The other fish were caught on 1/8 oz chartreuse/orange jig and 3 inch chartreuse twistertail slowly popped back toward shore.
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