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nice bass w/ pics

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made it out about 4 times within the past week to our favorite spot sorry for the pics but i have to scribble the images cause people ruined our last spot... we caught tons of largemouth ..many were too small to take pics of but here are three of the best ones....

this one was a pound and a half....

same with this one another solid pound and a half...

then this was 3 and a half pounds...

we also had a nice 3 pounder but its stuck on a friends cell phone but that was our first trip now we make sure we bring a camera........
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Sweet LM's. Thanks for sharing!!

That color Senko is one of my personal favorites. Good choice! How were you fishing them? and what depth were they at?

Most bass are still deep down here, and ive been catching them using dropshot rigs with senkos, but im curious to see if fish are moving shallow yet elsewhere.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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