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Got on the water after 7:00 a.m.

Lake conditions were beautiful with calm waters and a light breeze.
Checked the graph several times on the way out starting at the hills.
Didn't see anything of interest and continued out.
Saw number of boats out deeper so went out to 150+ and started to set lines.
Washed lures for quite a while and marked very few fish.
About 9:30 had first hit in 200 FOW on a DR with red Stubby flasher w/green gold fly.
DR 75 feet down, speed at the ball running 2.6 on east troll.
Boated an 8.7 lb. king.
Note current was from the north.
Surface temps around 71 degrees.

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Last fish was a dink king. We were able to release it because it was not badly hooked.

Thermocline was at about 65 - 70 feet down with temps bouncing between 51 to 61 on the rigger set to 75 feet.

Was marking fish the 190 to 200 FOW range but no takers for a while.

With the wind picking up from the south and started to move back in and had 2 hits in a row.
The first hit nice king on slide diver 120 back 3 setting.
Next hit was on DR was a king about 4 lbs.

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Last fish was a dink king that we were able to release because it did not get hooked with all three hooks
which usually happens.

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Shorts Cloud Sky Muscle Water

Last three were after 11:30.

Looks like we had a 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-year-old.
All were males.

Reviewed the video on the slide diver line and saw some followers.
Will post on YouTube when I get a chance.

Good luck this weekend.
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