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Started near the hills near the line at 7:30.
Ran 6 rods, 2 DR, 2 slide divers and 2 birds.
Put out spoons and dodger and flies.
Marked fish but no takers till after 10:00.
First fish was on a OO fire spot dodger w/black midget fly.
Broke off at the back of the boat, think the not on the hook had a nick.
Depth of the DR was 60 down in 175 FOW.
Continued to move east marking the random fish.
Next three fish were on the same rod. The hot setup was a slide diver on 3 setting,
80 back on the counter with a fires spot OO dodger with black midget fly combo.
3 Coho boated.
Conditions were near calm till noon when the wind shifted to the north.
Temp down 60 was running about 54 degrees.
Speed at the ball varied around 2.3 to 2.8.
All fish were caught on the east troll.

Boat Sky Watercraft Water Naval architecture

Ran a new GoFish camera and did have a follower on a Stubby red dodger with midget black fly.

Water Green Azure Blue Underwater
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