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Started the morning towing in a boat off North Point after hearing the Coast Guard request for assistance.
Happened to see it as we were on our way out and went over to assist.

From last week, decided to go deep and motored out to 175 and dropped lines.
Didn't mark much of anything till getting out to around 240 fow.
First fish on was a tree stump Laker... See pic.

Water Cloud Shorts Boat White

Taken on a black and white ladder-back magnum lure on a DR 80 down.
Worked the area for a little while with no other takers.

Continued moving out and in the 254 range had a Coho on a DR 38 down with a
OO Fire Spot dodger and black/copper small fly.
Turned back west and a few minutes after resetting the rod had another hit on the
same rod.

Continued to work the 250 to 260 area and had a hit on a yellow bird with Flounder Pounder.
Got it to about 40 feet from the boat with a tangle and it got off.

One more drive by on a DR 30 down.

Beautiful day on the water.
Thermocline appears to be between 30 and 40 down with Temp at the break around 53 degrees.
Temp 60 and 80 down was in the 44 degree range.

Trolling speed at the ball was between 2.2 to 2.8.
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