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Folks - have you seen the latest in the news? ONE Congressman speaks of our nations' Nuke plants being vulnerable and the media jumps all over it! It's amazing how they love to sensationalize things.

I work in Nuke plants and work with people that work in Nuke plants all across the country (as I'm sure MANY of you folks out there have too). And I just want to state (& hopefully put many folks' minds' at ease) that this Congressman and the media are full of it! There is SO much redundancy built into these plants that the most that any potential terrorist could do is put the plant in shut-down mode - if that. (Outside of slamming a jet into the containment, which hopefully has been alleviated) This means that after the squirrley little Turban-head kills our power briefly, we plop the little twirp in the electric chair and power the darn plant right back up (maybe put an electric chair right there in the control room in each of our nations' plants!) Anyways, I'm turning off the news, I'm no longer reading the paper and I'm not reading the headlines in Yahoo. I'm going fishing and if the world comes to an end at least I'll have one more cast...
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