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Well, I saw it coming and got out.
I think we may be in for a real treat :p
I worked areas I described and not much is going on...yet.
I did get one smallie, very sluggish.
The great news is that they are just beginning to wake up.
Their metabolism is slow and their muscle tissue stiff.
THAT means the water is high and as it warms they will want food but can't manage the current yet.
Put it in front of there nose and this could be really good!
This smallie was just where he/she should be with high and cold water.
An inch off of shore.
I walked a wall and just kept lifting and setting down the 1/8 ounce jig with a minnow.
Set in gently on the bottom and lift up realslow, then set it back down again.
With the river moving like it is even calm spots have some current and the jig wanted to slowly go downriver.
Lift up, the slow current moves the jig downriver 6-12 inches and set it down.
I fished many areas where I catch them anytime the water is high and only caught the one, well, the only one that ate it.
So we're right at the start of them being active.
The water warms during the next days and week to come and that means the right temperature hits and it will be like someone flipped a switch.
I'll fish the same areas and have landed at least a dozen just as big and bigger in the same amount of time, which was a couple hours.
If the water gets warm enough before the river level goes down, which from getting the one today tells me it will happen, we're in for a treat!
The second picture shows just how close to the wall I caught the smallie.
This particular wall I just walk along.
Other spots, like bridge pilings, there is just one place where there's no current, put the bait down, move it around a little and get bit or go to the next one.
One of these days someone's going to post a report of catching unbelievable numbers of fish in a short time. (hope it's me 8:) )

Anyway, the picture of how close to whatever is breaking the rivers current, in this case the roughness of the cement slows the current, although if this wall was in the middle of the river it wouldn't slow it enough.

The smallie that was that close to the wall.

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Nice report Ed, I think its cool that you have a watered down version for the non-subscriber forum and a lot more info in the subscriber forum. It really gives back to the subscribers and still breathes life into the standard forums.

I was out today too. Fished the Montgomery area. Lots of flooded timber, floating debris close to shore, water felt 5 to 10 degrees too cool for a good dabblin' day. I bumped a carp on the head and back with my presentation in a spot next to a bridge and he didn't even budge. Other than that, no fish to report.

Friday will either have me powerlining or I'll come down with crap-plant fever.
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