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Well checked a radar this am determined rain was going to be way west for a bit. Got to the spot. Cast. Thunder before bobber hit water. Hmmmmm.... Oh well....

15 or so fairly insignificant crappies in very short order.

Very ominous noises out of the dark cloud bank.

Moved to where I thought yellow bass might be running and south of the tstorm I thought.

Mud still??? Dangity dang.

Well I tried to out run tstorm back to house.
Nope. buckets coming down.

So get home and nap. Up n feed doggie then check radar for chance to head to town for a pizza. Nope storms coming.

Got one of those bright idea one dish things out of freezer.
4 minutes in microwave plus and such.

Enchilada thing. Not bad. Wait... hot real hot. Mama scovil is in the unit hot. This may have a lasting affect. Those green chili's????

Life ain't all about a series of short ill timed ill advised actions but today was...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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