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Our shoot out of the 3 rivers marina in wilmington Illinois (April 26th) is coming up soon everyone! From the amount of phone calls Ive been getting about the shoot, its safe to say we are going to have a pretty big crowd there. The fish sure are in and by the time we have the shoot it should be prime time for lots of big fish. Last weekend we seen hundreds of good size fish on the flats.

As door prizes to all who enter the shoot we will have,

AMS Retriever Pro Bowfishing Reel
Cajun Archery Arrows and Points
AMS Roller Rests
AMS Safty Slides
Innerloc Arrows
Innerloc Points
Bigtime Bowfishing DVDs
Muzzy arrows (w. point and slides)
Muzzy Points
Muzzy Hats
AMS Hats
Shaggy Dog Venison Marinades
Subscriptions To Airboating Magazine
BAI Hats

AND....a great BBQ the night before the shoot.

Please send me a PM or email if you plan on coming to the shoot so we can be sure to have enough food for would be greatly appreciated!!!

Dont miss one of the best bowfishing shoots in the midwest! There is good bowfishing there for the boating or shore bound bowfisherman, so come on out!

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Anyone want to partner up for this shoot in my boat? Not a luxury setup by any means, but it'll have two platforms, trolling motor, a generator and a trash can...all the basics :lol:

PM me if you want to come along...
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