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Our Loss....

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The world lost a great Fly Man yesterday, my dear friend Al Peers passed yesterday due to complications from his long battle with Cancer. Al Peers was well known throughout the area for tying beautifully crafted, high quality Fly's, If you've bought hand tied fly's at any of the southwestern suburban Bait stores chances are pretty good it was make by Al, He held classes at The Fishing Connection in Orland and taught many young anglers the Art of fly tying at that location. Al has been featured on Midwest Outdoors & in many written publications, he had won numerous awards for his fly's in national competition. I have some fly's that Al gave me a birthday present a few years ago, I could never bring myself to fish with them because they were just too damned pretty to fish with, those fly's will never see the water but will now be mounted to display Al's beautiful work. Al wasn't a real big guy, he only stood about 5.4 but his heart and his spirit were as big as all the outdoors that he loved so much. if you needed help Al was the first guy in line, many times he WAS the LINE, He was always willing to share any and all the wealth of information he possessed with anyone who wanted it, I am a better person for having known him, This kind and gentle man was loved by everyone who knew him and he will be sorely missed! Rest In Peace my Friend!
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Sorry to hear that Bob.My condolences.
Same here Bob. Prayers go out to his family and friends. God Bless.
Sorry to hear of the loss.You do what you think is right,but if they were flies I tyed I'd want you to fish at least a few. Good luck,TKING
Sorry about the loss of such a wnoderful person. My prayer go out to his family and friends in this time of grief and loss of a loved one.
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