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Hey there ya'll!
This new site is great just finally set up a log-in for myself. I used to post on the old site all the time before. I just finally had some time to get back in the game. Anyways I normally fish over dere in Montgomery/St. Chuck and any where in between. Finally got out to Yorkville for the first time. Great area yous guys got out there. I had to give it a shot cause everybody talks about it so much on this site. I've been out there 3 times now and haven't caught a thing. Just hopin' somebody could help me out. I'm definately going back out there on Friday to test my skills once again. Even if I don't catch anything it nice to get out in that area. I'll be targeting walleyes, smallies and 'skies.
Razzo I'm very intrested in any clean-up functions you guys are setting up. I think that is great everyone can get together and get rid of all the trash those scum bags leave behind.
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