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I was assuming you meant your gallery on CLF.
Are the pictures uploaded to site somewhere on the internet?

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If you're talking about your own personal CLF gallery, it goes like this...

1. Find the photo in your gallery.
2. Click on it so it becomes its own window.
3. Find the URL address near the top of your internet browser (right now, your URL address will have
4. Use your left mouse button to highlight the entire address (note: even if you can't see the whole thing, if what you can see is highlighted completely you're fine)
5. Click one on your right mouse button, and select "copy".
6. Begin typing your new post about those tiny little bass & crappie in your gallery :lol:
7. When you want to insert a photo, right click on the mouse again, and this time select "paste"
8. The address you copied in step 5 will be inserted into your post. Highlight the address again (same process as step 4 above).
9. Look just above where you're typing and find the button that says "Img"
10. Where you had previously inserted that address, it will now have symbols on each end of its line to designate that you have inserted a photo. The photo will not show up until you submit your post. You can go back and view it afterwards and it'll be there.

To show that it works, here's one of yours...

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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