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Pistakee 3-9

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Well I have been fishing Pistakee for the last couple weekends and I have got a kick out of all the guys who have been complaining about how slow it has been out there for crappies last weekend I was out with Rapman and my buddy tim and we caught well over 80 crappies between the 3 of us and we went back yesterday and I had over 10 of my crew with me and we got in excess off over 150 crappies for the day and 50 whites and drum and gills, We caught the majority of the fish in 16 to 19 foot of water and used little atom wedgies in blood red, motor oil, blue fleck. The key was that we drilled over 60 holes in our area and moved constantly after hooking a crappie out of the schools as they would spook and then return in a couple minutes of hooking one! Ice was still 16 inches thick and the shorelines still had no sign of melting as of yet! I think we will have ice on the chain for another 2 weeks yet.

Here are some picks from yesterday!
Me and the boys, Notice some of washusky's former crew

Me and Rapman with some of our catch

More crappies

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Good Job out there guys!!! Larry told me all about it. I'm glad you guys got on some fish, I've been having a tough past few days trying to get onto some walleyes. I'm trying again tomarrow night. Looks like a blast guys, you guys even brought the grill out! :)2 It is probably the only thing that helped larry sober up after all the drinking! LOL :lol:

Dave "Wrench"
Thanks for the invite had a killer time out with your crew yesterday.
Nice pic's im surprised you can see Legends eyes /coolsmoke . Thanks for setting the table and making it the best ice outing I had this year. :)2

thats really awsome.

they're turning on on north end of channel now too. If I could post pics Id show some good results. not near the numbers some some HUGE mothers were pulled through the ice over the last couple of weeks by our crew.
With a couple tips from larry, I was able to bag some crappies, but these are not from the chain. You guys realy know your stuff on the Panfish. Now im starting to invest and get into panfish more than just go for that 42+ inch pike im looking for through the ice. You guys are awesome! heres a 15.5" crappie I just bagged tonite. He's going on the wall since my latest biggest crappie before this one was only 13.5"s... I don't think i will get one much bigger than 15.5. But you never know... But Larry is getting me hooked!!!!!!! :lol:


The 15.5"er on a full size ace hardware 5 gallon bucket.. with a 13 incher next to her.
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I'd like to try an hit Pistakee before ice out, where abouts on the lake were you fishing? Thanks in advance.
After that pic I was passed out in my shanty. Boy was I smashed.
CSK said:
I'd like to try an hit Pistakee before ice out, where abouts on the lake were you fishing? Thanks in advance.
My guess would be near the area where all the 60 some holes were drilled. If you look hard enough, I think i found their old charcoal from the grill out there today. Good luck out there!

Csk, go out from Oak Park hotel, go to the right off the parking lot and head south into south bay off the yellow boathouse look for seventeen feet of water and you will probaly see all our old holes that go out to 19 foot of water! :-D Good Luck
Bossman,looks like ya got one heck of a crew there,good job slaying em!I myself will miss the comradere and barbeques and hanging out with the hardwater people.More like a football tailgate party than the basic solitary summer fishing.Good fishing to ya guys! :)2
Thanks, I'll give it a try.

I live almost as far out as you. 111th St. near Pulaski Chicago.

Boy, that report got this born again Ice Hole breathin' hard.
30 some years since I ice fished. Just got back in it about mid season.
Might just have to make a last ditch run up Nort' on Friday.
I've never been there but I think I have most of it figured out.

I took note of the blood Red wedgie tails. I will see if I can find any at this late date. would you humor an Old fart and let me know what type /colors of jigs.

waxies, spikes, Minnows ?
Do you need to pay a fee to park at the Oak Park?
Any baitshops on the way in or near by.

Thanks in advance for any info that you could furnish.
John D. GDN1
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John we were using black jigs 3mm fiska's, parking is three dollars at the bar, There is a bait shop on 12 past waconda and I think he opens up around 5:30 as far as live bait goes I usually use it before sun up and about an hour after and then the rest of the day I go with plastics and change color's every couple of minutes til I find a color that is producing, The main thing is keep moving around as when a fish is usually pulled from the pack they scatter and will come back after a few minutes! Good Luck :)2
thanks for the quick response and the tackle info.
Just might make it for a last shot.
John D.
I looked at the web cam of Fox lake and it showed open areas on the lake. Are you planning on fishing Pistakee this weekend?

Theres always open water around the bridge areas of fox and pistakee!
We were considering it for Friday. It would be nice to have a Ice Report before we motor all the way up there.
Any info would surely be appreciated. You would be welcome to join us if you were available.

I will be out most of the this afternoon and early eve. I will check the site when I get home.
GDN1 John D.[/b]
Was out yesterday all day. You'll have plenty of ice tomorrow, just watch the shoreline. There's some 2x's laying around for their piers, just grab a long one and set it down to walk out IF the shoreline is that bad. I imagine after today it will be. :cry:
Going out myself tomorrow ice is pleanty safe i will be going to be there around 9:00am.I will be wearing same suit i had on in pics - jacket im sure.Hopefully fish are hungry from what i here they are.
How's the ice out there guys?? Mostly concerned about the shoreline. I'm bringin a plank to get out there tho, see ya in the a.m.!
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