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This is kind of a continuation of the crack down on poachers thread. One of the posts made me think of a waterproof phone bag I ran across in my quest to find something for the digital camera. I saw this in the ice fishing special issue of In-fisherman.

Water-Safe Bag
To keep your cell phone or handheld GPS dry, Nature Vision offers the Water Safe Bag, a soft, clear container you can dial and talk through. Inflated with a bit of air, it keeps items afloat in case you drop them in a hole. Rigged with a lanyard for hanging around your neck. Nature Vision, #035 (866) 777-0733.

Comes in grey or yellow and costs $11 + shipping. It just big enough for your cell phone, you won't be able to fit much else in there.

Just thought I'd pass on a good idea I ran into.

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