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Powerlining Distance

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What is the ideal length of a powerline? How far can a weight be launched on average by hand vs via fire extinguisher? how much does the anchor/weight weigh? What pound test line do you use?

Any powerliners out there please respond as I'd like to get a few opinions on this even if their similair. Thanks guys.
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A good man with a hand-thrown weight can get it out plenty far. I would guess 75-100 yards or more. Fire extinguishers at least twice as far, maybe more. I use fly line for my main line. Doesn't knot up when you heap it on the ground when handlining a fish in. I didn't use a reel. If I used mono I would go with around 20lb test. Fish don't care. You can use a lighter test for your hook leads, maybe 12 lb or so. Anchor weight is around 10-12 ounces. For hand throwing you can't beat railroad spikes.

/iagree with fishinut if your new to this it may be worth it to take an hour some morning and take a look how by going to Montrose and see it in real time or possibly do a search for previous posts, Ed has setups etc here on the site. Its actually quite challenging bringing in 2 or 3 cohos at a time by hand. There is also the bonus of Browns, Steelies and Kings as the water temps are favorable close to shore until the water warms up and they move deep. I use a railroad spike but its less crowded up here in waukegan and put a 15 foot cord attached to the spike which increases distances considerable but BE careful as people will shy away from folks swirling railroad spikes around there head and if your line is not super strong this can be deadly. Be careful with the fire extinguishers too as there have been fatalities with them, also very unforgiving if you slip and fall and hit the handle and any part of your body is in front of pipe bye bye.
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Thanks for the photo taking offer! It's a small world indeed. In terms of powerlining equipment let me tell you what works for me. I have a good arm, so I toss out my anchor by swinging my weight helicopter style. My guess on the distance is spot on with fishnut's estimate 75-125 yards(it depends on the wind direction and strength). I make my own anchors by cutting 3/4-1" tubing into 2.5" lengths and pouring lead into them after inserting some steel wire to tie make a tie loop.. They weigh about 10ozs. These are much better than railroad spikes which are not aerodynamic and not heavy enough. Throwing for accuracy and distance takes lots of practice. I wouldn't suggest doing it on a Saturday morning. If you are just beginning, I would suggest using the fire extinguisher to launch your weight. Perhaps someone else can aid you on the CO2 cannon. To the weight I attach about 10 feet of nylon cord. To the cord is attached about 70 feet of rubber band. My main line with beads is 40 lb test mono to which I attach 12lb test droppers. I then use 30lb mono for the next section of line leading to my bell. (You can use any of the super lines to reduce stretch if you wish. I just happen to have a bulk spoon of 30lb mono and I want to use it up) I almost forgot- you will get more distance and save time by first attaching your anchor and rubber band to a reel(with 10/12lb test) seated to the bottom half of a rod when launching your weight. Just reel in your line and switch it over to your hand line. Don't forget to open your bail though!
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Westwind said:

Just reel in your line and switch it over to your hand line. Don't forget to open your bail though!
And hold on tight to that rubber band!!!!!!!!!
Fire Extinguishers & Powerlines

Have some basic questions:
A number of years ago I acquired a CO2 type with horn on an adjustable metal tube arm; is this the correct type?
After acquiring it a friend was going to show me how to use it; he moved beforehand. What is the procedure? Any modifications required?
How do you (re)charge extinguisher?
The only thing I think I remember is "...cut the "spikes" off the powerline weight". Is this even correct?
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