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Well The City of Chicago Mayor Daley's Fishing Committee meeting was held on Thursday’ April 17. Here are a few interesting items re: RAMP IL and Local Ramps that where discussed at the meeting:

1) During last month's meeting, Mr. Don Dubin (Muskie Inc) had motioned that RAMP IL, Ted Koski (Myself) be nominated as a member to be on Mayor Daley's Fishing committee. He had felt that the work RAMP IL is doing with regards to wanting to make certain that Fisherman, Hunters, Boaters alike have ramp access to the waterways, which is very important and worth it for me to be on committee on behalf of the public. Mr. Tom Gray (Chairman of the Committee) wanted to wait the vote on this matter during the next meeting which is April 17 meeting. The Topic was brought up for a vote. The only three members of the committee make comments: Ken Schneider (Perch America) Who said he was not in favor of Ramp IL (me) being a part of the committee because he did not like the way I spoke about the committee members on Chicago Land Fishing (internet site). Please note that I am beings nice in how he made his statement. Mr. Schneider was not so nice, in the meetings when he addressed his views- My opinion is that he was rude and distasteful; Mr. Ed Bohn (Bass Anglers) did not want RAMP IL (me) as a part of the committee because he felt that he did not need any RAMP IL's help and that they could handle any issues regarding ramp access by their self. He too was unhappy in how RAMP IL addressed the internet about the committee, Remember this is also the man who motioned, which was written for record in the public minutes, to the committee that 95Th street ramps should be closed because of unsafe conditions. Then, Mr. Tom Palmisano (Henry’s) who very kindly said that even though he admired what RAMP IL (I) was doing, he didn’t like the tactics used on the internet. He also felt that Mr. Bohn and I should try to get along and work together. Then Mr. Don Dubin got up and said that he did not understand why these members did not want RAMP IL as a part of the group. He felt that RAMP IL (I) would be an asset to the committee and to the fishing community. He felt that just coming down to the meetings at my own cost was proof of how dedicated I was to the issues at hand. Not wanting to argue and take up committee time, I spoke short on my own behalf and simply said that it was not true and I never tried to intentionally down grade the committee or the committee members. I stated that my only intention, from the first day this started was to work with the City and get better access to the waterways and get 95Th fixed up for the fisherman. Mr. Tom Gray asked that the Members forward him by Email their vote if they want RAMP IL to be a part of the committee.

With all of that said you, who have been following and have read all of my threads of which I have copies, will find that I am direct and to the point to the ramp issues and your rights to have ramp access! Anything that I have written here was in fact to inform you on what I felt were important issues without trying to conceal what I believe were the facts or trying to insult anybody. I am sorry if some of the members on the committee felt that I was singling them out and down playing the committee. That never was true. If they had read Ramp’s introduction to the Committee, they would had know that RAMP IL wants to work with the City of Chicago. I think they would have known, if they had read the treads and not listened to hearsay from the 3 members, who for whatever reasons do not what RAMP IL as a part of their committee. I don’t think one member has read the treads, but yet RAMP IL and I personally are being judged and voted on in a manner that is unfair and more important I feel is undemocratic. I have nothing to hide and would submit all of the treads I have saved to the committee members for their review, prior to their vote. Also why is it different that the other committee members, whom were elected, during the time that I have been attending, never had a closed E mail Vote? I thought that the Committee was set up by Mayor Daley for the Public People and to help hear what the people want. Frankly, I thought that since I have a strong construction back ground (I do own a construction company) and my love of fishing, I would have been of some help to the City of Chicago Fishing Advisory Committee, especially on the future 31st marina ramps and layout. Of course You do know only members have been invited to review the drawings for 31st harbor. Enough say, we’ll see next month if RAMP IL gets elected to be a member or not.

2. With regards to Cal Park (95th Street Ramps) good news from Mr. Jerry Metzer (setting in for Scott Stevenson), Westrec stated that even though there was a delay because of the hard winter conditions, Westrec will be starting the repair work to the ramps at Calumet Park (95Th street) within the next week.

3. Some selected members who attended a meeting regarding the construction of 31St street harbor, brought it to the committee’s attention that the plans for the 31 St Harbor did not appear to have 1) enough fishing area along the break wall for shore fisherman 2) it only had parking for 25 boat trailers near the ramps. It was discussed that there maybe more parking at McCormick Place, but it is a long walk from the ramps to the lot. Committee members where hoping that it was not too late to make changes. Mr. Tom Gray wanted a list of these concerns, so he can take the information to the proper people in charge.

The meeting regarding 31st harbor is closed to the public and only certain members can attend. Remember Ramp IL is not a member of the committee and can not attended.

I hope that I have tried to keep you Fisherman, Boaters and others informed for the better of your rights to have access to the lakes and waterways. Remember it’s your right. Do something. Please PM me if you want to help or want more information.
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