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Reel Problem

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My reel, a Shimano Symetre I believe, {I don't have the reel in front of me} is getting stiff when I turn the handle. The problem does not lie in the handle itself but more likely in the spool mechanism somehow. When I turn the handle the bail will spin maybe maybe a time or two then stiffen up like the spool is rubbing somewhere on the reel itself, then it will function fine for little while {maybe a cast or two} then the spool will seem to rub somewhere again.

I have taken the reel apart and everything seems fine and greased o.k.

This is starting to drive me crazy as I have found a hotspot for Largemouth where I have to use a finesse minnow presentation and this spool rubbing is really screwing things up for me. :evil: :evil: :evil:

Thanks in advance for your help Da Fonz
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I've had that exact Problem with my 2 Quantums (Response & Pulse)

The response had the problem, but only it was with the spool. I had dirt inside and gave it a good clean and greased it up with Hot Sauce......

The Pulse on the otherhand stopped reeling in completely. I had to open the reel up and give it a facelift. Cleaned out all the gears and found the Oscillator & Drive gear all mucked up. (they were out of place). After a light cleaning, it works just as good as new............Not that these reels are old......Only 1-year old.............. :roll:

I was tempted to use the warranty but I avoid it as much as possible.......

Your problem could be the oscillator & drive gear..........If it was something near the spool, then it would be easilly fixed.

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A friend wants to upgrade his kid's fishing tackle but stays with closed-face reels for a while. Any feedback/experience with nicer Zebcos, Diawas, Johnson. Kids are like 7-11 so their hands are small.
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