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Planning on hitting the upper rock (rockton) this weekend, anyone doing any good yet? Water temp? Clarity? Flow? Will try the spillway area and my spot on the Pec and post good or skunked.

Fishski<font color="#008080"></font>
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:)23 so fishski, have you been down to Spring Valley area? i'v been wanting to learn
about the Rock river, so would you be interested in swaping a fish outing? let me
know either way, thanks. Don
Hey Don,

Swap outing for a day on the Illinois, Sauger? For a day on the Rock in Rockton or Oregon? Either way, I'm open to the idea, especially since I've been wanting to try the Illinois for sauger.

Yep, saugers are what were talking about. it
looks like about 2 weeks for the river to get down thou. the tourny guys will fish no matter, both weekends coming i believe. sure
glad i didn't gamble $600+, but then again it will only take a few fish to get $ anyway
do you catch walley/sauger in the Rock? i know nothing further up than Oregon. do you run a boat up at Rockton? i hear you get white-bass running up there also?+ big cats
i've got a 97 17' alumacraft/70 Yamaha, will
be ready to go-i'm ready now! later..
<font color="#008080">My bro-in-law has a 2001 alumacraft w/120 yamaha...sweet running machine! and quiet too! The rock river in rockton isn't known for white bass, but I'm sure they're there. At this time of the year is the best time for walleyes since they're stack up near the spillway for spawning, after that they scatter within the entire pool, you have to cover a lot of water. The sauger seem to stay in the spillway area all year around, both Paul T and I can attest to that. Rockton is good for cats too, though I think the better chance for a monster would be at the Oregon dam area. I have a 16ft basstracker w/35horse, at times it gets shallow making the trip up to the spillway area tricky. My e-mail address is [email protected], email me and we can go into more detail for a swap outing. Fishski</font>
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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