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Retention pond revisited......

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Went back on Wednesday the 24th from 6:25pm to 7:20pm........totals:

53 Bluegill ( 4 to 6 inches )
4 Largemouth Bass ( 8 to 13 inches )
2 Yellow Bass ( 7 + 9 inches )
1 Yellow Bullhead ( 12 incher )
1 Black Crappie ( 8 incher )

Bait: small piece of crawler on bottom
Weather: high winds and drizzle
Hands: Frozen!

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Hook I use that same method my self when I don't have time to get the boat out and I hit a few small retention ponds close to home. I also like to use a larger piece if I can make a longer cast to deeper water for some larger bass. This can be a deadly method if the bullheads don't get there first.GOOD FISHING.
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