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Ill be heading to this one...........lots of big fish there. Its a Cajun shoot and Bob Judd and Chip will be there as pro-staffers. Here is the info in case anyone is interested.......HUGE Bighead and Grassies there....

Cajun Archery’s
Hosted by Down River Bowfishing Association
Fenton Access, Kentucky Lake
May 17th & 18th , 2008
*2 Divisions*
Overall Champion
Numbers & Big 20
3 Man Teams
$150 Enters Both Divisions
$25.00 Big Fish Pot
Shoot Time: 6pm - 8am
The winner of the North vs South Championship will be awarded to the highest pointed team by
combining pointed placings of the 2 divisions.
Baa Sanctioned
Trailering Allowed
$500.00 Guaranteed 1st Place per division
Payout to 3rd Place per division
Fish Disposal will be provided!
Contacts: Jason Greer (812)305-2354
Jeremy Oller (812)598-7509
Brandon Rodgers (812)499-2147
Mel Greer (812)305-2352
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