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Rubber band releases

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I am considering switching from pinch pad DR releases to rubber bands. Those of you that use them, what size/brand do you use.

How long of a steel leader do you run from the ball to the rubber band? I assume your building your own with pieces of downrigger cable or some kind of wire + snaplock swivels. Oh and do you close the snap lock when you put the band on or do you leave it open so you don't have fuss with it everytime?

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rubber band releases

I use size 16 - 2 1/2 inch by 1/16th inch crepe rubber bands

Do not use the colored or synthetic bands as they are too hard to break and are inconsistent.

Keep them out of the sun and in a cool place or they will deteriorate and break too easily.

I get mine at Office Depot

I just put an open hook (I used a bent nail) on my downrigger ball. Place the rubber band on the line and hook that onto the downrigger ball. It will set the hook before it releases, all you have to do is reel.

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