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Posting Guidelines at CLF

Welcome to CLF, we appreciate your participation in the best Fishing Site Chicago has to offer! Here are a few simple guidelines that will help you get the most from CLF while keeping our site a fun & friendly place.

1) Keep Your Posts Clean. No swearing or obscene posts. CLF is a family site and is meant to be read by all ages. If you wouldn't say it in front of your kids or a lady, don't say it here either!

2) Keep it Friendly. CLF is a great place to express opinions and ideas. It's OK to disagree with others, but it's not OK to name call or make personal attacks. If you don't have anything postive to say, then DON'T SAY IT!

3) TURN OFF THE CAPS LOCK! Posting with the caps lock on is considered shouting. Save the capital letters for things you REALLY want emphasized! While this isn't grammaer school, please take the time to reasonably check spelling and add punctiation, it makes your posts much easier to read!

4) No Cut & Paste Only posts. Please do not copy large articles and use them as posts. We want to know what YOU have to say about a topic. If you have read an article that you think is pertinent, post why you think it is of interest and then add a link to that article. Large cut & paste posts slow down the loading time of our threads.

5) No Links to Other Fishing Sites. Ever see an ad for NBC on ABC? Same thing here! We know there are other sites out there and
we wish them well, but we're not about to advertise for them!

6) No Links to Competitors of Our Sponsors. Our kind sponsors
have financially continued to the operation of this site. It's just not fair to allow posts that "advertise" competitors of our sponsors for free.

7) Tell A Moderator. If you have a problem with any aspect of CLF, from technical issues to conflicts with other users, report it to a moderator! They are here to make sure everyone has a great
experience on CLF and will do whatever they can to help you.

8) Want an Avatar with your username? To set up your avatar, go to the Profile link an scroll down to the avatar gallery, there are many fine ones to choose from. If you want a custom avatar, just send an email to Ed and he will set it up for you.

9) Use The Search Function! CLF has a great search engine which can open the door to vast amounts of information. Take the time to search through past posts on topics you have questions on. You'll get loads of great info while avoiding repetitive posts.

10) How to Post Pictures. In order to add pictures to your posts, you must have your image uploaded to a server, then post the link to your image in your message. CLF offers a image hosting account free to all CLF subscribers or use an online service like photobucket. Check out the Help Topics forum and read the post about posting pics, it will tell you everything you need to know!

11) Using the Classified Ad Forum As a service to our members, CLF has provided a forum in which you can post items for sale. Due to the abuse of spammers and others who simply use that forum and contribute nothing to CLF, you must be a CLF subscriber in order to sell items in that forum. For COMPLETE rules, please read the topic at the top of that forum.

12. No Duplicate Posts Please refrain from making duplicate posts, even if they are in multiple forums. This creates confusion for our readers and generally makes for a weaker discussion than a single thread. If you have a topic that you feel needs special attention, contact a moderator to see if we can mark it as an "announcement"/

13. Do Not Attack Others for Posting Reports CLF is for the sharing and exchange of ideas and information, including how, when, why, what and where to fish. If you choose not to share information that is fine, but do not admonish others who chose to do so. Public waters are just that, public. If you want a spot all to yourself, go buy property and dig a lake. As long as a post is about legal and ethical means of fishing, it is allowed on CLF.

One final note, CLF is a privately owned website and it's content is controlled by it's sole owner, Ed Diem. Don't start crying about free speech, if you don't agree with the above guidelines, you're more than welcome to start your own site. Others have and you're welcome to join them. If you do not agree with these rules, feel free to leave (don't let the door hit you in the arse on the way out). We have an open door policy and welcome anyone and everyone as long as their conduct is within the aforementioned guidelines. For those of you can't (or won't) follow those rules you will be asked to leave.

Thanks everyone, Tubes.
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