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Sag Quarry East Trout Report 4/6

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Dances with fish and I limited out in less than 1 1/2 hours. All between 10-13".
Fished the southern end with "Waxies" on a 1/64 jig under a small slip float about 18-24" deep.
Would have mopped up in a crappie tourny today, must have caught and released over 30 in the 5-7" range. Very healthy looking little fish. Quite a few small gil's also.
Talked to one couple who had caught and released a 17" largemouth, the only one I heard of all day.
Dinner was awesome. Grilled with a couple of slices of orange and lemon, spiced to taste. Going back tomorrow morning for hopefully a repeat of today.

Good Luck & Keep em Wet.
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I.ll be out there tom. also.
How do you gwt to the Sag Quarries from S. Cicero Ave..............Any directions will help thank you.........
On 2002-04-07 15:34, BassBlaster wrote:
How do you get to the Sag Quarries from S. Cicero Ave
I would say take 127th St west and hang a right onto Rte 83. Take Rte 83 to Archer/83 breakoff (just past a cemetery) and hang a right. Stay to the right and you will see the Sag entrance(a right turn only lane?) about a block or two down.

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