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I am having a sale on Sunday to help my Bro. in law liquidate a huge stock of gear. He is moving to Wyoming and doesn't want to take all of it with him.

There is no junk here. It is all New or Very gently used.
I have about 50 Hard BodyMuskie baits.

3 sizes of Siucks, Reef Hogs, Hell Raisers, some Bucher baits,
I have Grandmas, Rapalas Muskie Manie Ernie and Burts.
I have top water props and jerks. 3 sizes of "Bobbie Baits"
and many others.

I also have at least that many Bucktails safety pin lures, twins spin Jig and tails. I have Eagle tails, Ghost Tails, Shumway, Inhaler, Blue Fox and a decent selection of spoons. Daredevils, Blue fox & Little Cleo.

I have two full Muskie Quick Strike kits complete with Hooks leaders and bobber rig gear.

I have boxes full of plastics for Bass Crappie & Walleye with the hooks & jigs that go with them. I have a full box of medium Rapala types.

There are plenty of 1-2-and 3 Dollar items as well.

If you are interested, drop me a PM with your E mail address and I will send you the info.

GDN1 John DeCillo.
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