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Sat report Yvill; Sun report away from Y'ville!?!

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Got out Sat. from 12-6, beautiful day to be out. saw a few others near me. one talked the other didn't. nothing for the first hour or so. Ran into an old CLFer and fished & talked with him for a while. combined we caught about 20 eyes. I guess all it took was some conversation, cigars and minnows.

Sunday I took old CLFer up on his offer to fish somewhere other than Y'ville (first for me). he eucated me on many great things about the river in the quest for fish that took us from Montgomery to North Aurora. In total very few fish but a great education in what to look for in future months. Today the cigars and minnows just didn't help. I ended up with 1 dink eye and a snagged sucker (nice fight). Anywho I am looking forward to some warmer temps.
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You didn't miss much Sunday Kev, after a (wasted) trip to LaSalle early sunday morning, The Bassman & I decided to check out Y'ville, after a quick stop at the bridge & a few wasted minutes at the Dam I took B'man to MY fav spot (you know the one!) missed two eye's right off the bat, then spent 2 hours to get just a few more, lost the one decent fish in the cree...area, that fallen tree is holding a few fish but only one or two nice sized females. If and when Mother Nature stops doing her "Female Dog" impersonation & brings on some real spring weather that spot is gonna rock! I was surprized to see the excavation taking place in that field headed in to the river...if they are gonna put up homes there we can kiss goodbye one of the best spots in that stretch of the river! I wish the Village/State would have bought that land, made another park & spent some $$$ doing shoreline improvements, but hey...what do I know?
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Hey guys, instead of waiting for the state to make a move on some land, or lack thereof, why couldn't all of the CLF members pool together some money to purchase it? I know it would probally be expensive, but then we could still have places to fish, and conserve.
Just a thought.
That was a joke, ...right? If we ALL pooled our money we MIGHT be able to buy an old john-boat we could all take turns using!
I wish that I could say that I am a couple bricks short of a full load, but I am serious. There are almost 300 members on here, right? If 300 members all gave $10.00 each, there would be $30,000 to purchase land in a middle area for everyone. Each year do a fund raiser for the purchase of land, and pretty soon we could have either alot of land, or alot of money to buy the land. I don't know all of the paticulars with purchasing land, or how to regulate it, but if something does not happen, all of the water will have to be waded, becuase of lack of parks.
I don't know all of the paticulars with purchasing land
...Or much about math appearently! 300x $10= $3000 for that we could maybe get a ¼ acre of swampland along the Des Plaines river? MAYBE! And in regard to your "Brick Count" I will just keep my opinion to myself! LOL

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I guess your right. I am way off on my math. I am trying though. I just wish that it could be possible though. I do think that if everything keeps growing that there are going to be hard times to fish banks for everyone.
if everything keeps growing that there are going to be hard times to fish banks for everyone.
IF? The problem is here NOW! most of the "Good" places I bank-fished 25 years ago are off limits now, look whats happened to Navy Pier, and all the Harbors and Piers along the Lake,( can still fish there in the few spots they left us, but the cost of parking & permits kills you)same with farm ponds, retention ponds, people trashed them up so bad the owners won't let anyone fish there, & my favorite spots along the Fox river are becoming someones back yard. All things are subject to change, my old man used to tell me about the "Good Old Days" 25 years from now you will be talking about now with the same sense of nostalgia that I feel for the places I've lost...Nature of the Beast I guess!
I know what you are saying Bob, and my uncle and grandfather used to tell me about the "good old days" of fishing the Illinois in Peoria, and other places down there. If we come together, and stop some of this needless building, and try to preserve some areas for our children, don't you think that would stop some of this good old days stuff? I really have not been an activist or anything like that, but this is really starting to bother me. If someone wants a home in the country and decides to start a subdivision, and that continues on and on until there is no more home in the country, then where is it going to stop? I don't want to get really far off of the subject of what this board is about, but I figure that if there are so many people who want to enjoy the outdoors, and fish, and hunt, then why can't we come together and preserve it?
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Tell you guys what... I'm new to the fox river area and if there was a way for clf'rs to actually go and find a way to go and buy a good sized stretch of land along the river I'd be in. You guys are right someday there will be no places to go fish along the river and i'm havin a hard time now ! Anyone know of any private clubs out this way that would welcome a new member? It's a shame that there arent too many places for a family to go enjoy a good days fishin a few times a year.of course it's always good to get out and just enjoy but good fishin always helps.
Bass n Gill Club in Plainfield?

There are a good number of clubs, but usually you have to be born into them.

I can't see paying for a club when I can catch walleye, smallmouth, muskie, northern pike cats (flatheads & channel) and of course, the 6" bullhead in the Fox.

It is true that 25 cent parking meters are gone along with Dick's at navy pier, but in all honesty there is more water to fish then back in the 70's and 80's! Yes the old farm ponds are forbidden, filled in, or just past there prime, but look what's out there to fish. For the time being we have our cooling lakes, 3 very stable rivers and a few upcoming streams that will be great in a few more years. More retention ponds then you can shake a stick at. As far as private property goes on the fox, there is plenty of parks, and with a Tire Tube, Canoe, Raft.....
you can fish the whole system. There are more
Catch and Release master angler awards given out here in Chicagoland then ever before.
Get out and Enjoy!
Doc Fish
:)14 Hey Mr. K hows the fishing been lately.
Mr. K
have you used any of the Vana's bucktails yet if u have have u caught any thing on them i got a bunch of them and i was wondering if it was worth throwing them
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