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Sea Monster launching near Aurora

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Greetings, somewhat computer-literate anglers! Little Tommy has finally bought his-self a "real boat." It's a 15' Sylvan Sea Monster, and I am itching to do a "shakedown cruise" near my home in Naperbrook (Bolingville?) The closest deep water sure seems to be the Fox. Any suggestions for a place to launch? Thanks.
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Hey LT, how do i post on the dupage river link! i cant figure out how! I wish we had the old clf back.
You can launch that Sea Monster at Illinois. Head down river and only use trolling motor or be very careful north of the bridge.
So, Trackerman.. Once I get south of the bridge I can zoom around a bit?
be carful on the fox its not a deep river the area from montgomry damn up to the old railroad bridge will be deep enough for a boat but be carfull a better bet would be to go to morris and put in in the IL river plenty deep and plenty of room to run around at this time of year it's not that far from you 55south to 47south can't miss it. good luck and congrats on the new boat.

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Litte Tommy,
I too have just joined the wonderful world of a "real" boat. I picked up a 19' Smokercraft. O.K. maybe a bit much for the fox, but I have had luck dropping in in elgin just north of the I-90 bridge over the river (exit on 31 and take the frontage road back to the state park). There is a nice slip (free) and the smallies have been hitting south about 1/2 mile in a little bay where the water reclemation station is. Do not go too far north of the slip when the water gets shallower. It is very shallow. Good luck and have fun!
Thanks for the tip! much water, so little time...
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