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Sea sickness

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Anyone have a magic cure for sea sickness? I love fishing our Great Lakes but really have to work for it. Dramamine brings me down and doesn't work in the heavy weather. Anyone tried the Relief Band? Any suggestions would be helpful.
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Do you eat something before going out? But not something greasy.

Last trip out my wife got sick, but she had not eaten before we went out. She never got sick before.

I'm not saying eating is the answer, but in one case it may have been. Also, talk to some of the charter captains, they may have an answer, but you have to find what works for you, which is probably a painful process.
The eating thing is true from my experience on the lake. Normaly I'll eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or something before I go out. The more bread the better I found. If I eat McDonalds before I go out I'll be hangen over the side forsure.
Bring a fresh lime on the boat, when you start feeling ill scratch the lime and hold it under your nose until you feel better.
Try bringing some unsalted crackers....When your tum tum starts to get a little queesy....Eat some crackers...This is a well known method to control that sick feeling in your tummy..
tom, whatever the cure, get it figured out before we go out thursday. don't need to christen the boat with fresh ralph...later dude. d
i read in great lakes angler that putting a paper sack,grocery bag, under your shirt will cure it,never tried it but they say it works wonders! no im not kidding.
Try eating something light like some fruit or some bread i've found works too.
Ther are "patches" like the smoking kind, and I have seen "pills" that work "on the spot". I don't know where to get the pills, but my wife started getting ill in a helicoptewr, and some guy gave her the sickness pills, and she was fine , in minutes. Ask a doctor ???
daver... i think the bag is supposed to go in your pocket for when the other methods don't work...
The wrist bands work for some people and not for others, I think it's one of those "you gotta believe it will work" things! After working on a charter boat it's my experience that if you are prone to seasickness there is little that will prevent it completely, Dramamine only works for a short time and only if taken properly. Don't eat a heavy meal, don't drink orange juice, don't lose sight of the shoreline (stay above deck) and if your feeling like your gonna call O'Rourke do it on the downwind side of the boat, if you are unsure as to where that is...spit first, if it hits you in the face turnaround before blasting your ballast, and when you get hair coming up you can stop puking...that's your butthole. If your one of those Machoman types who are predisposed to projectile vomiting on the water then eat a big mess of cold greasy salami & slam a 12 pack of warm Coors Light, you'll still hurl yor guts out but you can then blame the bad lunchmeat & lousy beer for you illness rather than your inner-ear inadequacy
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Bob- Wow, you painted such a pretty picture, can you tell me some bed time stories. LMAO!!!! Where do you come up with this stuff man, you are truely twisted individual.
Where do you come up with this stuff man, you are truely twisted individual.
I went to a Catholic Grammer School!
Thanks for all the advice on how to keep my breakfast! I will put them to the test tomorrow. Don't worry Dave, I have a wet vac. :)24 :)24 :)24
I know thaat you werent crazy about the Dramamine.Take it the night before,then again in the morning.........Ive done enough deep sea fishing to know that being sick is absolutly horrible.Try this...If someone on the boat is really sick...I mean really sick,toss them a wet suit and have them get in the water...No joke,this really works.It takes the sick feeling away almost instantly,have them stay in for about 5 to 10 mins next to the boat but not holding on.
I've seen a guy do that on the ocean before, but I'm told it doesn't work if you've already spewed. that water is mighty cold for 5-10 minutes too...
True it is.Was down in Mexico Marlin fishing kast year.Stopped about 75 miles out to catch some bait and had her get in the water and drift for a while...Pretty bad sight...Landed a 12 pound Mullet while she was in and she said..."Great you caught a fish,can we go back in yet?'...Captain replied....."Nope..thats just the bait!'She asked...."well how big are the fish we are going for?"....Captain replied...Ohhh bought 500 to 800 pounds....She asked...When are we going to start fishing?'....Captain says....judging by the fish finder,right now!.........................Priceless...
I bet you got your a#@ kicked for that one
Try ginger capsules. Take one mg with meals starting the day before and right before you get on the boat. A study at John Hopkins in the mid-eightes showed it has the same effectivness as Dramamine without the side effects. Both ginger and Dramamine work for about 72% of the people who take it.
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