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Finally got out and fished! Everybody in the house seemed relatively healthy (except for me). The wife even “gave me permission” to fish. Woo-hoo! Thought I’d go to Yorkville and fish from 4pm - 7pm. Called George to see if he could meet me there – no luck (had other plans). I consider George to be what y’all think of Ed “A walleye master.” He is a Yorkville local that has been fishing the river two to three times a week for a very long time. George gave me the following report…

I’ve been fishing twice a week for the past month, trying some different spots. The bite has been slow but I have managed to get a couple fish a week in the 16 to 18” range. When the big fish don’t bite I go and fish the trusted spots for the dink eyes. Same jig/twister combo we have been using since Fall.

George told me to go out later “you should fish from 6pm - 9pm – the bite is better.” I don’t care to wade the river alone at night, but I figured the boogieman doesn’t bother me when I wade in daylight and he is probably afraid of the dark too. So I got in the river at 6pm and tried the spots that George was catching the occasional bigger eye and came up empty. Off to the dink holes!

On the way to my favorite dink hole I met Derrick (I think, I am shamfully bad with names). He is a very nice guy. He too has been fishing the area for 15+ years. Kept me company and kept the boogieman away. Caught some dinks and exchanged e-mail addresses before he left. After that I fished from shore with another nice new contact “Bill.” Bill is another local. We fished till 9pm and caught another handful of dinks. I told Bill about CLF and he asked me if I would tell everyone about the importance of catch & release and I responded, “Bill, they’re the choir.

I think the highlight of this night was meeting and getting to know a couple other humans. Nice folks out doing what I like to do – fish. The catching was slow but the fishing was good. The following picture is of me and what I think may be my smallest dink of the year. This was the first time I brought the new digital camera out fishing. I put it in my waterproof wading bag. The bag worked perfect. Put my cell phone in there too in case the boogieman was about to get me and I could scare him away by threatening to call my mother-in-law.

I closed my eyes like a big dork, but you can see the fish. WTF? Promised me some photography lessons (I think I need to take him up on that).

BTW: Ed, I didn’t see any minks :smile:


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Nice photo. What camera did you use.

I noticed from your picture that it was cold out, that you're married, you have a very rare oscar meyer weenier whistle and that you have no thumbs. How do you fish with no thumbs.

Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms -
did anyone bring the samiches?

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You’re a man that lives up to his name, I read your reports and I'm almost always "amused" (small a). Your perspective and is bizarre. You and Greg could right a book, HBO special, kind of a George Carlin thing, he stands around and you explain to all of us his reality.

I had to read your post then go back and look at the picture. LMAO

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The camera is a Olympus Camedia C-2040zoom. The photos are considerably nicer than they appear in the posts. I'm not sure why that is; but, it is still an OK image in the post. If you are interested in a digital I would recommend the one I got (duh).

Last year WTF? recommended the 2020 which was $900 when he got it. I started researching Consumer Reports (CR) and they taught me a bunch about what to look for. The 2040 replaced WTF?'s 2020 and is now $500. CR rated the 2040 a "Best Buy." So I decided to get it. I called Circuit City and of the six closest stores they only had one left and it was the display model without the box. They gave it too me for $350.00 He shoots - he scores!

The 2040 is 2.1 megapixel which makes great 3x5 and 5x7 photos. If you want to make superdooper 8x10 then you need to go up to a 3 megapixel (you'll pay for it too). The digital is very cool. I can take the little memory chip/disk and walk into Wolf Camera to the FuJi machine, no lines, put the disk in the machine and print as many 3x5 and 5x7 "johnny on the spot." Depending on the number of prints detremines how long you have to wait. I think I printed six 3x5s in four minutes ($0.49 each). 5x7 are $1.99 each.

I think I got the 2040 at just the right time. It is being obsoleted by something better (and more expensive). Next to getting lucky in a local store CR says the best way to buy is on-line. E-mail me if you want the websites. They search the nation and compare prices for you.

As for your other questions - LOL:
1) I noticed from your picture that it was cold out <font color="#FFFF00">(YUP)</font>.

2) that you're married <font color="#FFFF00">(YUP - Happily)</font>.

3) you have a very rare oscar meyer weenier whistle <font color="#FFFF00">(I'd like to take that whistle home and plop it in my fish tank. Would fit real nice into a bait bucket - but, that's poaching)</font>.

4) and that you have no thumbs <font color="#FFFF00">(that was a fishing accident, I tried to land a musky the way you do a Largemouth Bass - twice)</font>.

5) How do you fish with no thumbs <font color="#FFFF00">(very carfully)</font>.


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Congrats! How big was that thing? You're doing the "Pat" big fish stretch and it still is only 6". Haven't been around much, up to my arse in diapers and tantrums lately but I'm starting to get back into the swing of things.
Great deal on the camera! I'm a display model purchaser from way back... We'll have to meet up soon for some photo & fishing demos's. I'll swap you one for the other. Went out today on my lunch and hit a creek mouth with minnows. One bite and it peeled off a couple feet and snapped the line. Coulda been anything but I'm guessing it was the mother of that world record walleye you caught last fall.... Later
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