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Setting the hooks in Waukegan

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Invest in a hook sharpener. Best investment you'll ever make.

Still fishing with exposed points? I use circle hooks. They are designed to self-hook in the jaw. Point your rod tip and reel.

The super-braids have very limited stretch and better hook setting capabilities but knots can be difficult and it sinks faster. Mono will cast farther but has lots of stretch.

Try this experiment. Have a trusting friend hold your hook between his finger tips, about 30 yds out, and try to "set" the hook with your combo. How'd it do?
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Tell the truth amused you invested in a company that sells circle hooks didn't you. LOL
Hey, I would say to set the hook as soon as you feel anything. I go salmon fishing in the fall every year, using spoons and Rat-L-Traps. Just let it hit the bottom, then bring it in. As soon as you feel ANYTHING, set the hook hard! It is always better to rip your lure threw some weeds, than to lose a big fish because you didnt set the hook. I hardly lose fish because of hooksets. My main problem is getting them to bite.

Let me know what ya'll think.

Thanks for reading my post,

I wish! I can't even pronounce the names of the companies that produce 'em. Wouldn't know what to tell the broker.

I have to use 'em because they're idiot proof.
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