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Safe ice everywhere as it was 8 to 12+ inches all over the lake. Once more snow melts though the shoreline access could be gone by weeks end.

Anywho, went out with Palos and CP. I packed light, too light as I never brought my vex so was fishing blind. Huge mistake as the other two I was fishing with were making full use of their electronics. Plastics ruled the day. I could not even get a gill to bite my waxie when we fished an old brush pile before leaving (and there were plenty of gills spotted on my camera). Most crappie were caught 12 to 15 feet down anywhere from 18 to 25 FOW. Not all of them were biters and a lot of movement was required. I ended up catching 1 stinking crappie and only after CP let me use his flasher for a few minutes so I would not be skunked. I did though manage to catch a catfish that ran around 21 inches while jigging for crappie so that was a nice surprise. Besides the crappie and solo catfish CP landed a small bass (around 8 inches) and Palos a gill that looked to be about 7 inches.

My catfish:

Black Crappie:

White Crappie:
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