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Started out fishing the barn foundation. Marked fish on the vex, lowered the jig down to the mark and wham!!! Catfish, all morning long. These cats were 3-5lbs. I'm not much for catfish so all were releaed back down the hole. Next, we moved across the lake to the tree tops and managed 5 crappies 9-9 1/2" long. Still not the action we anticipated so we moved over to the cribs and brush pile over by the campground and got paid back with dink gills. Called it a day. In the morning, the temp was 26 deg, and ice was OK, but as the day progressed, the ice began to turn and water started to form on top.
Ice was around 8-12" thick. If anyone likes catfish, fish the barn in the AM. They were nice and fat.
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