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Well I managed to get skunked all weekend...Saturday I spent about 6 hours over at the Plainfield Fishing Resort because I was too lazy to wade any of the rivers. The wind was pretty bad, making it feel about 30 degrees out there, didnt even get a bite.

Sunday I waded the dupage from Caton Farm to Black in the morning and Black to 52 in the afternoon. Didnt get a thing.

Both days I threw 5" watermelon and brown senkos texas rigged, then wacky. Switched over to 1/16 jigs, green, black, white, pink, with purple and salt n' pepper twister tail grubs. Couple different crankbaits, and a few different spinnerbaits.

I'm hoping I just had a nice run of bad luck and the waters just too damn cold. But after reading some of the reports......
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