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Skunked at Busse

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Fished Friday the 15th at a few bay areas, around the rocky mainlake shorelines, and even hit the main dam for a while. No fish at all in 3 1/2 hours. I guess that quick 30 degree drop in temperature Friday morning killed the fishing. Used jigs of all sizes and colors, minnows, plain hooks and twistertails without a bite. Water levels around the lake are low and the water is very muddy and brown.

Went back for more punishment today the 17th. Water levels are still low and very muddy, less wind, the sky was overcast and you'd think the fish would be biting. No bites today either, using the same methods listed above and even tried throwing a few firetiger cranks. I don't know what's going on, the water is still too cold for the actual spawn.

One day I'll actually get the hang of this. Ed can you delete the double post? Thanks
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I didnt have a thermometer was the temps really in the 40's? I would have guessed it was still in the mid 30's given the colder nights. I wonder if they are spawning.
Yeah I didn't expect a whole lot out of Friday with the coldfront going through in the morning, but you'd think the fishing would have picked up some by yesterday. Especially with the gray cloudy conditions. You know, every time you think you have the lake figured out, the fish go and get the last laugh on you.
The only real restriction is that the gas motors have to be OFF the boat in order to put in at Busse. They don't mess around there. Even if you have your motor trimmed up and unusable, no gas in the boat, etc...they'll still write you a pretty hefty ticket.

There's a launch on the Main and South Pool that are probably open by now that you could use. Best bet would be fishing for walleyes, crappies or pike. The bass may not be active yet.
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