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Smallies on the Lake

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.....when you guys fish for smallies in the harbors or out on the lake whats your best approach. i'm ready to drop shot some gobies but the weather isnt always conducive to that type of fishing. i've heard to drag bottom with tubes with some heavier weight when its kinda rough as well as throwing cranks.

anyway, just looking for opinions. thanks!
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Dragging jigs in a goby pattern parrellel to the breakwalls and rip rap are extremely effective techniques for harbor fishing. You may even catch a brownie or two while targeting the smallies. Just make sure your using some tough line.
no kidding? so almost fishing it like a C-rig? cool, thanks.

what are these lakes you are headed to on the south side, arrowhead, etc? that was you that posted that correct? are they shore fishing or can you launch?
The two lakes Im going to are Forest preserve ponds that you shore fish. THey are within a couple blocks of each other and usually one is on while the other is not.....go figure. They are located in the vacinity of 135th and Harlem.

I guess you could c-rig them but basically just pitching a goby pattern jig is best. Hair jigs are supposedly the best option.
oh right, i just meant dragging the bottoms with the jig like you would drag the bottom with a carolina rig is all. thanks!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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