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Smelt Eating Champ Undefeated in 30 years.

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Kelso, Wash.Darwin Weber swallowed 77 smelt in 30 minutes to win the Kelso Eagles Smelt Eating Contest.Weber 54,has won each time he's entered since 1972."I like fish but I really don't care for smelt" admitted the 210-pound Weber, who won $50 and the blue Ribbon."I'M Waiting for someone to beat me so I Can retire". Weber's most formible challenger was Jeff Deaver, who is 140-pounds heavier and 22 years younger.But Deaver appeared to slow as time ticked away finishing second with 70 smelt eaten."He was born with two stomachs" Deaver said of Weber."Maybe a Sea Mammal cab beat him:I don't know". Weber has eaten 106 smelt twice in competition before.He capped off Sunday's Triumph with a beer. Roy
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Wouldn't it be nice to CATCH 77 smelt in a half hour?
77 in an hour?? 77 in a season would better than most guys have done in the last few years! I think a full bucket would make front page news!
The 2000 season had two days of good smelting where there were buckets filled at Montrose. Wouldn't have believed it but I was there and got my fair share.
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