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I was out this past Saturday after a 2 year absense from the art of smelting. Actually, another 2 years prior to that. Anyway, a number of few smelters inquired about our catch and asked if they were indeed smelt or chubs? Hmmmmm?
I recalled this same question 4 years ago and back then I sort of, kinda, thought the fish did not resemble the smelt I knew long before (15+ years).
The fish I seem to remember back then appeared to have a much more pointed snout and had the feel of say a file, a bit rough from the scales.
These fish I caught on Saturday were large scaled, non-pointed snout, and kind of slick. :)9
Do any of my fellow smelters have a feeling that we are catching a mutated form of a newer smelt? Or is it that since I haven't caught many smelt since the last time I went (2 years ago w/2 smelt? caught) and forgot what they looked like! :)25
I brought in a meager (16) of the fish in question on Saturday. So, before I catch more for a decent meal I thought I'd ask the experts.



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Its easy to remember... Chubs don't have teeth, Chubs don't smell like watermelon, Chubs will give you a nasty case of hearthburn if you mistakenly eat them thinking they are smelt!

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Rule of thumb.
If you can't lip it, flip it.
What you had were chubs. I saw a lot of guys saying they had 50 or 60 smelt and when I checked them out they were chubs.
This years chubs are smaller than last years and you will see a lot of guys including me keeping them. Only diff is we are using them for bait and not food. If you northern fish the chubs and smelt both are excellent northern bait.
Good luck and maybe I will see you out Saaturday.
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