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After fishing numerous local lakes and getting skunked I thought to myself, I would go to the one place where I know I can pick off one fish! I arrived at the river around 4-5, and fished for about an hour, the water temp. roughly 38 degrees (could be wrong, I think the thermometer was broken) but fished the dam, and down to just passed the bridge. Lots of activity on the water, lots of people fishing, or should I say throwing out 1.5 oz weights with corn and liver attached, so I had to fight with the wind and lines in the water. But still to my avail no fish on my line or theres, I missed a decent fish later, pretty sure it was an eye, decent size, but nothing else. Like I said the area was very fished, my honey hole, had three lines casted into by someone with sitting (sleeping on the bench) with corn on there line. But luckily I know of two very successful crappie lakes by my house, and after that dissappointment on the river, I landed 12-15 slab crappies with the leftover fatheads from walleye fishing, so tradegy averted which was being skunked on my day off! I am surprised that I didn't land at least one eye, but there were will be plenty more time to come! I hear alot about the pike and musky in this area, is that worthwhile to pursue, because I may be seeing things but while wading I am about 90% sure on seeing a swirl, could be wrong. Oh well! Cant wait to get back out there! I also tried to post a picture of an eye from S. Elgin awhile ago, I would say 15in. Tight Lines Y'all!

(Editor's Note...Is this the pic you were looking for?)

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