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Since I don't have a boat any more and I won't be fishing the chain anytime soon here is my best hot spot that hasn't failed for me.

It's the channel between Bluff Lake that flows thru Spring Lake to Pettie Lake. This channel has always worked for me. I slowly start fishing from the mouth using an anchor or trolling motor to hold my spot. Work all the way down fishing very close to the sea walls. Also pay special attention to the corners and of course the dock and under the larger boats docked. Live bait seem the work the best on a weedless jig. I like leeches best when I can get them but minnows and worms work good also. Tube jigs, spinner bait and shallow crankbaits work too. I really use the weedles jig so I don't get hung up in anybodys dock or boat. I don't want to leave a hook for someone to step on.

Important point:
Make sure you fish all the sea wall. Just because there's no structure you can see that doesn't mean it's not holding fish for what ever reason. Some of my biggest fish came from the sea waal that seemed bare.

It seems to me the east (to your left) seem to work better for me but i have caught alot of fish on the other side also. I have caught every type of fish on the chain here except musky.

If someone fishes this area please post a report for me.

I hope this helps someone.

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