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Did some trout fishing down in northern Arkansas oct 31- nov 5. Started off on the Spring river, waded below the hatchery down to Sadler falls the first three days. Threw 1/8 oz spoons and 1/4 oz spinners. Casting cross current and swinging them in the fastest current you could find worked best. Average fish was around 12" but caught rainbows and browns up to 21", numbers were excellent. Got one walleye on a spoon.

Then we moved over to the campground on the North fork below the dam. I waded a few hours the first day before they started generating. Bite was good on spoons in the deeper pools. The last day of fishing we got up early, waded from catch and release area down to the mouth of the White. Wading that stretch down was a little rough but well worth the effort. Threw an 1/8 oz pearl daredevil and never changed, fish were stacked in the faster water. There were a couple spots I hooked a fish on 30 straight casts. All fish caught were rainbows from 10"-18", a nice fight on 4lb test and a light action rod.

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