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Although one would never guess if from Ja Knee Sea avatar photo I found JC to be intelligent, funny, quit witted, generous, fun guy to be around. He has a genuine, respectful personality along with a giving attitude that makes him good people. Someone I would enjoy fishing with again which is more then I can say for some other people I have fished with in the past. Wink. Btw In addition JC is an awesome driver making the drive down to Berrien Springs in less than 2 hours. One hour 47 minutes and fifty three and a half second. Hahhahhaha he don't fool around guys 8:) Thanks for driving JC it was a good time, we had quite a few good laughs. I enjoyed getting out and fishing this beautiful river with you.

We arrived at 3:30AM at Shamrock Park and immediately boarded Gary’s Golden Eye rig. What a set up ha JC? Not that we needed it but it was a super heated water limo from the get go. We headed directly to the dam where it started to rain over the next few hours... Being there so many times with and without Gary I could just sensed we were going to struggle today as we fished different basins, shallow and deep edges for about 2 hours with just a few juveniles to show for it where usually the night/early morning bite is very good at those holes. At approx 6ish we headed down the "Strip" where Gary again carried us with his impeccable fishing know how by sticking 3 more quality eaters 18", 20" 22.5" followed by a healthy 27" female (released) full of eggs at over 8lbs on the digital boga grip. We continued to laugh fish, review eye popping R rated JC female morning fan texts, enjoy Nattolis Prosciutto subs tell stories and much, much more. And although we came home with nice walleye filets both Johnny and I had our chances at fish but were unfortunately shut out. Thank goodness Gary’s fishing expertise was in rare form and all the action we saw at about half dozens walleyes were stuck by the "People choice and Working mans Friend" Gary Delarosa GoldenEyeCharter..

Yes, you BET. LOl. I have a little unfinished business, a little SCORE to even up with St. Joes and will be headed back down soon. I look forward to enjoying time on the water with those of you that have showed interest in going there. Props out to JC for tipping Gary and additional sawbuck, I could tell JC enjoyed himself at St Joes with Gary and I or maybe just Gary and not I? Hahhaha Thanks again Men.

Fyi JC has more photos to post as soon as he recuperates from the MI 500 Nascar Racing experience.
Also many of you know Gary writes a monthly article in the Outdoor Notebook. He mentioned to JC that yours truly will be in this months issue. That photo of Capt Ron and I posing with St Joes eyes are included in this month’s publication. I'm sure it bound to be one of their best issues ever :)28 Hahhahahahha check it out if you happen to pick up a copy.

Take care guys


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Anyone who has ever spent a day in a car with Peter knows why I was driving so fast... :p

Captain Gary with our big fish of the night... An 8.75(on the boga) and the only pic I got of Peter that I can post here...

A heated cabin on a 24' flat bottom boat... Absolutely the cat'sass...

Some of the Nummy-ness

One of the morning spots... Notice the lack of snow cover and water level is down almost 2 feet... Gary is very concerned about the health of the river... Lots of flotsam barely subsurface... I would never attempt this myself without a knowledgeable captain...

And to my defense, although I technically went fishless, I did manage to hook 3 trees and the motor, TWICE... So there :p ... And the jersey is from Atomic Bass Jerseys... They were a sponsor here a couple years ago... I thought it would be fun to get one, and it is waterproof... YAY!!!
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