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Starved Rock Park Closing ????????

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News item in the tribune stated our honest governor is threatening to close starved rock state park in a "COST CUTTING EMERGENCY" to make up for the shortfall in the state budget. Also threats to let prisoners out early to save money. What a stroke, he couldnt run for a bus anymore. If the state is short money he should give back all he stole and took in bribes and shakedowns for his campaign fund that he had no knowledge of. Maybe sell a few more commercial driving licenses. You know hes never gonna close down starved rock, its the only money making park the state has but then again this is Gov Ryan, who knows, maybe he will sell the property to the guy who wants to build on plum island.
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Luckily he won’t be with us much longer. I’m sure that the first thing on the new Governors agenda will be to clean up his mess.
The threat to close Starved Rock is a precursor to privatizing the site. In a move to "SAVE" taxpayers money some relative or cronie of the Gov's will step in and pay a flat "FEE" that guarantee's the State makes a dime. In the meantime we will pay a $20 daily fee, a $50 launch fee and a nominal $10 parking fee. But please never loose sight of the fact that the State is guaranteed 10 cents. There is something to be said about being a concessionier.(or the Gov's relative)

Question: Can anyone tell me why a Government entity that pays no taxes can't compete with the private sector?
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