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Yes, I do. I take my three sons out in the spring and fall. It is a tradition. We keep the trout and eat them. My boys get a kick out of it. Personally, for a flyfisherman it is tough. It is always very crowded. If you can get close enough to the water, roll casts will help you not snag a passer by. It is really tight. I go to silver springs park in Yorkville. I have always wanted to try Rock creek during the spring stocking, but haven't yet. The IDNR has a listing of all the lakes/streams that are stocked. I don't think that flies matter that much. Last year I tied up a white marabou streamer size 8, and did very well with it. By very well, I mean I caught my limit. I have seen some inexperienced flyfisher out on trout day that were having a rough way to go. The best case would be to use a canoe or boat to give yourself some space.

Good luck

Like Scud, I take my kids to fish for the stockers. My 8 year old is just learning to fly fish, probably will take him tomorrow and leave my rod in the truck. I fish it as well, I work about 5 minutes from Blackwell and usually go over on my lunch hour. Weekends I fish Silver Springs, just because it is just as close to my house as Blackwell and it seems like there are a few less people (not much though).

I like "action" flies for these stocked fish - something with some movement/flash that will get there attention. They will eat anything that looks like it is food, I feel I give myself the best chance by using a fly with natural action. I tie up soft hackle Wolly Buggers that I have been using this year in Wisconsin, and I think it will be a good fly for the stockers. Instead of using rooster hackle for the Bugger, I use a soft hen hackle. That, plus the marabou tail, gives nice action in the water. A plain ol' soft hackle is another good choice, each time you strip it the soft hackle pulses.

This is the only time through the year where I keep my catch.

Hey Scud - not sure where I'm going tomorrow but if you see a blond headed 8 year old fly fishing at Silver Springs come introduce yourself. I'll be the guy probably not fishing, unless he does better than I think.
Jim F.
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