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I have successfully navigated my way here, and am pleased to type a greeting to my fellow tackle crafters.
In Canada (Lake Wabigoon to be exact) I found a product called a "Strip-on." The Pikey likey! I've never seen it since, but it is real easy to make.
All the thing is, is a spinner rig made of wire instead of mono, with a REMOVABLE double hook on the business end. Twist an eye on one end. Put a coupleafew beads and a clevis and spinner on it. Leaving 3 or 4 inches of space, twist another eye at the back end.
Here comes the part my wife hates... Shove the thing down a minnow's throat until the eye comes out his posterior, and then clip on the double hook. The spinner and beads will slide down the wire until they stop at the minnow's nose. You will never have a minnow bitten off, because the hook rides behind its behind!
Too gross? Use a dead minnow. LT
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