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sunday evening

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i tried a few eddys today on the fox from 3:30-7. i seined some minnows and headed to the area that produced yesterday. it took 45 min to get the first fish which turned out to be a 12" smallie. after a hour in that area with only one fish to show for it, i headed to another area. i got a small crappie right off the bat. then i landed a few nice smallies back to back that went around 10". i made a cast parallel to the shoreline only a couple of inches off the bank when i saw some minnows jump. i tied into a huge fish that started peeling off line. i tried turning my rod to the side to try to turn the fishes head. didn't work, the fish wouldn't budge. then he turns on his own and starts charging toward me. at this point i figured i had a big carp on. then he comes to the surface and i get a look at his tail as he flops. i recognized the tail of a huge smallie. my heart started to pound then, and he started shaking his head. then just like that, he was gone and my heart stopped. somehow he threw the hook! i had good presure on him, a good hookset, and he got off! i only managed one more fish in that area so i moved again. i put on a big creek chub i had in my bucket and landed a 13" largemouth on my first cast and a few smallies. then i got one white bass when the sun was almost down. i only had a bunch of baby minnows left so i hit my favorite white bass hole. 6 casts, 6 fish. then nothing for 50 casts. turned out to be another nice day.
6 smallies between 10-13"
7 white bass
1 crappie
1 largemouth
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Hey pat,

I think this is gonna be the year I start seining my own minnows. Any recommendations on what to get.

If you don't mind, how are you fishing the live bait? Split shot and hook?

Thanks for any info.

I've found the most important thing to have is a net or "seine". Galyn's has them for pretty cheap I think under $10. You have to add your own poles though. I suggest 4 or 5 foot pieces leaving an extra 12" above the net to hook under your arms and take some of the load off. If you dont have a seine it takes forever to grab enough minnows to make a good dozen, plus you get soaking wet. Also, all we've been using is a split shot and a bobber. The removable styrafoam slip bobbers work best cause they are removable (duh) and we've found using the red hooks has made a huge difference. Be prepared to tie on a lot cause the fish are really hanging in the snags and roots. The clamp on bullet split shots help too. I'll post photos on Pats first story....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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