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River is still a little high and murky. Started this morning with a chart. spinnerbait and no takers.
Switched to an orange jig/crawler for panfish. Got a few green sunnies and a crappie to bite, but they were practically glued to the bottoms of shoreline rocks. Tied alot of jigs today. Gave up on Wilmington and headed to the DPCA. Continued with the jigs and landed many very nice bluegills. After watching a few people catch one Bass after another, playtime was over. Switched to my nice new Falcon rod (thanks for the advice, guys!) and tied on a blue and white spinnerbait. Ay Carumba! Talk about a Bassacre on a bluebird sky day! Landed over a dozen in the 10"-12" range and missed a couple big ones that were only half-interested.There was no shortage of plastic bags in trunks at the first place I fished. Do we call them "plastic-bag people", rather than the bucket term? I should point out that some were actually measuring their fish for the slot limit, but not all. The carp are getting ready to spawn in shallow rocky areas, they were very active. Finished the day along a small creek closer to home and found some rock bass and chubs willing to pound those jigs. Had to wake them up a bit, but they turned on when they got a taste of crawler bits.
:)11Took some pictures with my cheapie camera to finish an old roll and went to get them developed. Much to my surprize, the freakin film is some crap that needs to be mailed to Seattle to get developed!! That's what the clerk told me, and sure enough there's some 800 number on the roll.....What the ??
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