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WOW, I couln't tell if I was on Lake Mich. or Clinton on tuesday. Some waves were about 4' and in my Jon boat it felt like I was on a roller coaster in a water park.

At 5am, it was nice, but we ended the day by 2pm, lucky to be alive. =)

I ended up with 7 small bass (All sm. and lg. mouth), no whites, no crappies, no walleyes. Just black bass, 1 drum and bluegill. Average lenth was 11", but all were fat and ready to burst. All were really healthy, and it's a good sign of things to come.

I tried bridges, coves, rip rap, everything. I usually pick up a bluegill, crappie, stripers and black bass on this one spinner, but not today. I don't know what was up w/ it. Must have been the wind. =)

Entire afternoon I spent tucked way deep and tight in 1 cove and caught 3 of them in there.

Plant wasn't running, but water felt about 60F, thoughout the marina basin. The day was beatiful, and you couldn't feel any better first day out on the boat after winter.

Took a drive around the capmground and seems like they are doing some new major water piping project. A little weird how you hear some parks might have to close down and then you see new construction at others.

If anybody else was out there last tuesday, I'm glad to see you still posting. =)
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