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Arrived Friday around 4:00, opened the cottage and headed down to Sand Bay.
Stopped by Dale Stroscheins' resort and found Dale out admiring his new duel
axel Ford pick up. He had guided a group of four in the morning and one
fisherman put one walleye on the ice. Only had a moment for a quick hello
for he needed to dress for the evening bite and we were headed out to start
drilling. Friday night on the ice was just simply precious. We picked our
area, Drilled a couple dozen holes from 18 foot of water to 24 foot. Started
the jigging deep with Odd Ball jigs tipped with a pinch of a fluorescent
power grub and a 3 inch emerald shiner. Just before dusk I set the hook into
the first fish. With a great gaff job by Al, I was rewarded with a 30 inch
pike. Darkness fell over the ice and with it came sleet, snow rain and
lightning. It didn't last long and once the front passed we were left with
quiet peacefulness. A splendid couple hours we were left with to enjoy
mother natures good side. Al caught an eelpout, I caught a ling cod and Al
caught a waterdog, his first. For pre dinner appetizer we had boiled back
of burbot with melted butter. MMMMMmmmmm!
Day two had us up at 4:00 am and on the ice at 5:00. The only other
people to venture onto the ice were two of the guys left froms Dales group.
This time we set up in 16 foot of water in front of the creek mouth. Stayed
out till 8:00 without a bite. One of Dales guys iced a 30" northern and lost
a walleye.
Back to the cottage for a hearty breakfast and then right back onto the
ice at 11:00. Spent the day on the move from hole to hole looking for a big
toothy critter. The wind blew hard all day and the ice was going fast right
under our feet. We were never sure if it would last for the night bite. The
day grew long and tiring without a single bite from mr. northern. At dusk we
moved our operation into shallow water right in front of the creek.
Now I have to say something here. When I go to Door County for last ice
I only can expect to get one bite and only hope my arm pops up at the right
moment. We never expect numbers of fish but if our concentration is steady
and our reflexes are instantaneous, just maybe we"ll be rewarded with a fish
of a lifetime.
Nightfall came and at 6:30 a red mark came onto the Vexilar just under
my jig. Not two seconds later, TICK, WHAM!!!! the reflexes could not have
been in better tune. Throbbing and lunging on the end of my line was the
largest walleye I have ever had the honor to do battle with. It was a tug of
war that lasted a good long while with me bringing her to bottom of the ice
three times. On her last lunge the line caught the side of the ice hole and
broke. Well, I did get the bite I came there for. I felt the weight of a
once in a lifetime fish, enjoyed the battle and she won the war. That's ok
with me. BUT WAIT, the nights not over yet. Ten minutes later I was to be
blessed on Easters eve with another bite! With my mind a wanderin and
looking over my shoulder at Al, BAM!!!! My rod went down hard, my arm flew
up and another battle was on. This battle I would win and soon I had the
honor of posing with a golden 26 inch male.
Ten minutes later while at the top of my jig stroke, THUMP!!!! This was
not the best time to get bit for the wrist was in the up position and had to
come down first to set the hook. When I did the yank nothing was there. Oh
well It was a good evening on the ice. Al never felt a tick the entire day.
I feel bad for him for it was his first trip and he really did pay his dues
in the unforgiving wind. Maybe next time.
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