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thinking about going out tomorrow/sunday

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hey guys i was thinking about going out tomorrow sunday morning and was thinking about wading rock creek in manteno for some walleye was wondering if you guys think its a good ideal me and two buddies went and fished the river monday morning and did pretty good from shore we caught nine keeper walleye some were caught on chartruse jig and twister and some were caught on chartruse jig and twister tipped with a minnow it was my first trip to the river for this year and we did great so now im itching to go back and give it another go but want to try somwhere else and possibly wade and try to catch some with some size well thanks for any advice...
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I've been out the last two days with no luck :cry: water is up and it dropped two degrees in temp. Today there was about ten other people in the area and not one had caught anything when I left 7:00.
I'm done till we get some warmer weather, let me know if you catch them @ rock creek.

Good luck,
9 keepers and you want to fish somewhere else :eek:?
Fished the creek mouth from 5-7pm Saturday, had a few light bites, landed a decent female walleye 2 or 3 pounds. Then I hooked something BIG! I put on about 200 yards of 8# stren mono this morning and this thing took about 180 yards of it. Pole was bent in half and the drag was screeming. When I was almost out of line I had to tighten up the drag and try to turn its head but the jig popped loose. My guess is a big gar with those bony mouths, always tough to get a good hook set in those things. All bites on chartreuse jigs tipped with roaches. Water temp was 43.
well fellas i decided not to go due to weather the last few days and i also heard from a friend that the river is up and got a lot muddier so im going to wait for it to come down and clear up a bit but when i do make my voyage i will let you guys know the outcome and nitebite the reason i wanted to go somewhere else is because the spot we got the 9 keepers from is way over fished and alot further also its a hit or miss spot due to the fishing pressure also manteno is a closer ride and way less fished tuna thanks for the report and im sorry to hear u didnt get to see the big one that got away never know it could of been a big northern heard people been catching a lot of northern lately i also caught one the day we got the walleye well thanks for replying guys i appriciate it ...
DCA Backwaters

Lots of gills being taken in the backwaters Wednesday, and if you want them Drum on minnows.....
Any tips for catching eyes ? I fish DCA from boat.

Thanx :-D
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